UK already 'major world power' in cyberwar

UK already 'major world power' in cyberwar
UK already 'major world power' in cyberwar 

By Chris Williams
The Register
1st October 2009

The UK government already has a "considerable" number of attackers and 
defenders that make it a "major world power" in cyberwarfare, according 
to a leading US expert.

Scott Borg of the Washington DC-based US Cyber Consequences Unit, a 
well-connected research group, told The Register that the British 
military and security services were on the lookout for talented amateur 
hackers, but this was just "good recruiting practice".

Borg's sober assessment follows excited press reports of an MI5 teenage 
hacker army and suggestions from the colourful security minister Lord 
West that a cadre of "naughty boys" could be hired to defend UK 

In fact, the UK's first national cyber security strategy, launched in 
June, mostly involves reorganisation of existing capabilities. GCHQ, the 
government's 5,000-strong electronic spy station in Cheltenham, will now 
house the new Cyber Security Operations Centre to coordinate efforts.


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