PCs with Shtokman-info stolen

PCs with Shtokman-info stolen
PCs with Shtokman-info stolen 


Four computers with sensitive information about the Shtokman project 
were stolen from a consulting company in Oslo in August.

A thief broke into the offices of Multiconsult in Oslo. The Norwegian 
consulting company is currently working for StatoilHydro with prospects 
for the building site and harbour facility and piers.

StatoilHydro is partner together with Gazprom and Total in the Shtokman 
Development Company.

At the web-site of the Norwegian weekly Teknisk Ukeblad you can see the 
recorded film of the thief from Multiconsult's surveillance cameras.

The thief was very professional and past hundreds of other computers 
before he took the four computers with Shtokman information located in 
the first floor of the office-building.


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