Hathaway Joins Kennedy School as Senior Adviser

Hathaway Joins Kennedy School as Senior Adviser
Hathaway Joins Kennedy School as Senior Adviser 

By Eric Chabrow
Managing Editor
Gov Info Security
October 7, 2009

Melissa Hathaway, the National Security Council official who led 
President Obama's 60-day review of federal cybersecurity policies and 
processes, has joined Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center for Science 
and International Affairs as a senior adviser to its cybersecurity 
initiative, the center announced Tuesday.

Hathaway's work at Belfer will focus on developing a better 
understanding of the policy gaps in international relations as it 
relates to cybersecurity. She will publish at least two papers and plans 
to contribute to classes at Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Law 
School. Hathaway started at the Belfer Center on Oct. 1.

"The United States must take a broader and more active leadership 
position abroad to drive the future security of this global 
infrastructure and help galvanize the establishment of norms of behavior 
in cyberspace," Hathaway said in a statement announcing her appointment. 
"There are at least 20 international venues that are determining the 
future of the information communications infrastructure. Our nation 
needs to determine what it collectively needs and wants - and find ways 
to foster public and private shared goals."

At the White House, Hathaway served as acting senior director for 
cybersecurity at the National Security Council. From February through 
May, she headed a team that explored the current cybersecurity stance of 
the federal government, and afterward convened policy meetings that 
began work against each of the top 10 recommendations contained in the 
Cyberspace Policy Review. The review culminated with a presidential 
speech made last May outlining the administration's cybersecurity 
policy, which included the creation of a White House cybersecurity 
coordinator. Hathaway's name appeared the top of many lists for the 
post, which remains unfilled. She resigned from government service in 


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