Jon Go$$elin Hack Attack

Jon Go$$elin Hack Attack
Jon Go$$elin Hack Attack 

The National Enquirer
Enquirer Exclusive
October 7, 2009

Jon Gosselin used his computer skills to hack into his wife Kate's 
e-mail, online bank accounts and cell phone, and he smoked marijuana at 
the family home while watching their kids!

Those blockbuster charges are being leveled against the former star of 
Jon & Kate Plus 8 by his ex-girlfriend and family baby sitter in an 
exclusive ENQUIRER interview.

Stephanie Santoro also reveals that Jon plans to demand alimony from 
Kate, and says he caught on to his estranged wife's affair with her 
married bodyguard Steve Neild.

Stephanie, a single mom and aspiring model, got to know Jon while she 
was working as a cocktail waitress at his regular hangout, Legends 
nightclub near the Gosselin family estate in Wernersville, Pa.

"Jon told me that he hacked into pretty much everything of Kate's," 
Stephanie, 24, told The ENQUIRER. "He had access to her online banking, 
and he put a trace on every single one of her e-mails.


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