Has Delta been hacking?

Has Delta been hacking?
Has Delta been hacking? 

The Houston Chronicle
Oct. 14, 2009

It started a couple of months ago with a laptop that inexplicably 

Then, someone altered the password on Kate Hanni's desktop computer and 
when she finally got into it, the files were corrupted.

Microsoft's tech support said she'd been hacked. A few weeks later, all 
her e-mail disappeared, and AOL told her the same thing.

Hanni, who lives in California, is the founder of the Coalition for an 
Airline Passengers Bill of Rights, the group that's spearheading efforts 
in Congress to prevent airlines from imprisoning passengers on delayed 

In a lawsuit filed in Houston Tuesday, she claims that Delta Air Lines 
was behind the hacking, accusing the world's largest carrier of 
conspiracy and invasion of privacy.

Hanni believes Delta wants to crush her attempts to force better 
customer service on the airline industry, which has fought mightily to 
ensure it can treat passengers shabbily.

"Delta stands to lose the most," she told me in an interview at her 
lawyer's office in Houston. "They overschedule out of New York every 
day. They can't get those planes off the ground."


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