VoIP hack suspect fugitive extradited back to US

VoIP hack suspect fugitive extradited back to US
VoIP hack suspect fugitive extradited back to US 

By John Leyden
The Register
19th October 2009 

A Venezuelan hacking suspect arrested in Mexico last February on 
computer hacking and fraud charges faces a court appearance in New 
Jersey on Tuesday, following his extradition to the US last week.

Edwin Pena, 26, a former Miami resident, fled from US justice in August 
2006 two months after he was bailed on charges of hacking into phone 
systems and stealing VoIP call credits. Pena allegedly resold these 
services in collusion with an accomplice, Robert Moore of Washington. 
Pena and Moore raked in an estimated $1.4m through the alleged sale of 
10 million voice call minutes stolen from telecoms suppliers.

Moore pleaded guilty multiple computer hacking and fraud offences in 
late 2007, resulting in a two year jail sentence. His admitted 
involvement in the scam involved scanning telecom supplier networks for 
vulnerabilities between June 2005 and October 2005. Pena, the alleged 
brains of the operation and major beneficiary, use Moore's 
reconnaissance to draw up a list of targets for attack.

The Venezuelan used brute force techniques to extract activation codes 
from vulnerable telecom supplier systems. Among those victimised was a 
Newark, New Jersey supplier of telecoms services.


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