Nonprofit Air Force Association recruits youth for cyber war games

Nonprofit Air Force Association recruits youth for cyber war games
Nonprofit Air Force Association recruits youth for cyber war games 

By John Zorabedian 
The Daily Tell
October 19, 2009

The nonprofit Air Force Association announced that 200 high schools from 
44 states in the U.S., South Korea and Japan will participate in the 
largest high school cyber defense competition ever staged starting 
November 7.

Called CyberPatriot II, the war games are a way to promote careers in 
cyber security, technology and science fields. S. Sanford Schlitt, AFA.s 
vice chairman of the board for aerospace education, said the competition 
begins on November 7, 2009, the entire field of 200-plus teams 
participating in CyberPatriot II will race to solve cyber defense 

The final competition in February will test the remaining teams "on 
identical equipment on a system against an active "Red Team" opponent 
that will attempt to counter their defense strategies," AFA said.

Right now is a hot time for cyber technicians and IT professionals who 
have the knowledge and training at the highest level. The government, 
military, and IT companies have to recruit their cyber security 
personnel from a small pool of technically proficient workers, which is 
why these organizations are promoting education and training of young 
people in cyber security.

The federal government pronounced October as a National Cyber Security 
Awareness month, with President Obama addressing cyber security in a web 
video that called on all Americans to protect themselves from cyber 
threats. Recruiting a qualified cyber workforce to defend the country 
and its IT infrastructure from cyber attacks is a main concern of the 
Obama administration.s cyber security effort. To answer this call, 
nonprofits and corporations are participating in cyber security 


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