Area women unhappy over cancer data theft

Area women unhappy over cancer data theft
Area women unhappy over cancer data theft 

Spring Hope Enterprise
OCT 22, 2009

Many women in this area who have had mammograms are being warned by the 
UNC School of Medicine that their personal data and credit could be at 
risk because of a security breach involving the school's computer system 
used for a breast cancer study.

Woman all across the state are receiving letters from the Carolina 
Mammography Registry in Chapel Hill that the security breach in 2007 may 
have exposed personal information they did not know had been sent to the 

As many as 160,000 patient files from across the state may have been 
exposed, including 114,000 Social Security numbers.

The information was part of the Carolina Mammography Registry, a 
14-year-old registry that collects and analyzes mammograms submitted by 
radiology offices from all over the state. The registry is participating 
in research being funded by the National Institute of Health's National 
Cancer Institute.

Federal regulators waived requirements for patients' consent to be 
included in the registry.

"I felt sick when I read the letter," said Spring Hope area resident 
Beverly Anderson. "I did not give my permission to give my personal 
information to anyone."


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