Finjan bought by M86 Security

Finjan bought by M86 Security
Finjan bought by M86 Security 

By John E. Dunn 
03 November 2009

In what deserves to go down as one of the least surprising deals of the 
year, Israeli web gateway company Finjan has been bought by Anglo-US 
rival, M86 Security.

Given that both parties are private companies, the deal has already been 
agreed without the need to name the price paid to the outside world, but 
it brings the independence of Finjan to an end after an eventful 12 
years. That M86 has pounced on Finan is not the sudden move it might 
appear to some - current M86 Security CEO, John Vigouroux, was until 
April the CEO of Finjan, and the Israeli company has since lost other 
employees to what is now its new owner.

M86 Security itself was only formed a year after the merger of two 
companies, the UK-based Marshal, and US-based 8e6 Technologies. After 
calling themselves Marshal8e6 for a few months, in September the company 
renamed itself, M68 Security. Between times, the company also acquired 
messaging-and-spam specialist, Avinti.

According to M86 international president, Bruce Green, the takeover made 
sense given what the company had identified Finjan's web gateway 
technology as superior to their own.


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