New cybersecurity role for NIST?

New cybersecurity role for NIST?
New cybersecurity role for NIST? 

By Ben Bain
Nov 04, 2009

A bill that would expand the National Institute for Standards and 
Technology's role in cybersecurity cleared a House subcommittee today.

NIST would be responsible for developing a plan to coordinate the 
government's work with international organizations developing 
cybersecurity standards under the bill approved by the House Science and 
Technology Committee's Technology and Innovation Subcommittee.

The legislation would also have NIST work with agencies, industry and 
academia to start a public awareness and education campaign on 
cybersecurity risks, consequences and best practices.

The measure would also require NIST to support the development of 
technical standards to improve interoperability among identity 
management technologies and bolster authentication methods of identity 
management systems. The program would also work to improve privacy 
protection in identity management systems.


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