Hackers attack Al-Watan's website

Hackers attack Al-Watan's website
Hackers attack Al-Watan's website§ion=0&article=128185 

By Fatima Sidiya 
Arab News
8 November 2009 

JEDDAH: Al-Watan newspaper was hacked on Saturday by a group calling 
itself Moorish Team-Dz. The hackers said they supported Sheikh Saad bin 
Nasser Al-Shithri who was recently removed from his job following 
statements he made on Al-Majd TV channel against coeducation at King 
Abullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST).

Jamal Khashoggi, editor in chief of Al-Watan newspaper, had written in 
Al-Watan criticizing Al-Shithri's statements. He said, "This much ado 
about coeducation is in downright opposition to knowledge, scientific 
research and the information revolution which does not distinguish 
between female and male." Mohammad Al-Ghahtani the Head of the Technical 
Department at Al-Watan newspaper refused to call what happened 

He said it was the work of amateurs operating through servers located in 
Syria, Egypt and Algeria. When asked what the newspaper had done to 
protect its site, he said that when the hacking was discovered, the 
paper transferred to an alternate site. Due to the large number of hits 
the site receives every day, it had taken some time to rectify the 

However the website was up and running again by the evening. Asked if 
the incident would have any effect on the paper's editorial decisions, 
Al-Ghahtani said, "The policy of the newspaper is clear and this will 
not discourage the newspaper from expressing its views."

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