Kung fu shrine under attack

Kung fu shrine under attack
Kung fu shrine under attack 

People's Daily Online
November 13, 2009

He was China's youngest Abbot in the Shaolin Temple - 22 when he 
ascended the throne. He was one of the first monks in China with an MBA. 
He is also the most controversial Buddhist here, allegedly for turning 
the shrine into a money-making machine.

Now, he is in the spotlight again after hackers targeted the website 
established to promote Shaolin's shows and products worldwide.

The hackers have posted a purported letter of confession on the site 
( cn) in the name of the Abbot Shi Yongxin, who "admitted 
his guilt" in commercializing the temple generally considered as the 
cradle of China's traditional martial art, or Kung fu.

The Temple's website remained inaccessible until the time of going to 
press Thursday.

The letter and a photo of Shi in a sitting posture were not visible on 
the temple's website shortly after the attack Wednesday. But the screen 
shot has been circulated across Chinese websites, the Southern 
Metropolis Daily reported Thursday.


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