GMH data breached in stolen laptop

GMH data breached in stolen laptop
GMH data breached in stolen laptop 

By Laura Matthews 
Pacific Daily News 
November 17, 2009 

The Guam Memorial Hospital suffered an information breach when a laptop 
containing unsecured health information was stolen in late October.

It wasn't until late last week that they found out the machine contained 
a file with personal information for approximately 2,000 employees, 
volunteers, contractors and physicians.

Their names, the date of their last physical examinations and their 
vaccination, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B statuses were contained in the 
machine, which was being used by the GMH Employee Health Office.

"No patients were affected, only the people seen by the Employee Health 
Office," said Connor Murphy, the hospital's spokesman. "No social 
security numbers, addresses, dates of birth or financial information was 
breached. From the feedback I am getting, this is what people are most 
worried about."

The machine wasn't password-protected.


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