Hackers broke into the site, says ONS

Hackers broke into the site, says ONS
Hackers broke into the site, says ONS,,MUL1380926-6174,00-HACKERS+INVADIRAM+SITE+DIZ+ONS.html 

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By Juliana and Carpanez Altieres Rohr 
Do G1, in Sao Paulo

The National System Operator (ONS) has confirmed on the afternoon of 
Monday (16) that its corporate network has hacked late on Thursday - the 
gap was corrected the same day. It said there is no evidence of invasion 
to the network's operational site.

G1 released earlier this afternoon that the agency had solved the 
problem in a login page, but a gap remained similar in the registration 
system. Shortly after the publication of the report, the page no longer 
displays the error that proves the failure. "Every time they try to 
[invade], we fix," said the operator.

"The operative network is reinforced, separate from the Internet and 
operated via voice command," as it said, denying that the blackout that 
hit 18 states on Tuesday (10) was caused by the action of hackers. ONS 
quotes the Ministry of Mines and Energy, which reconfirmed Monday that 
the blackout was caused by short circuit.

The ONS is responsible for coordinating and controlling the operation of 
generation facilities and transmission of electricity in the National 
Interconnected System (SIN), under the supervision and regulation of the 
National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel).


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