Palin Calls E-Mail Hack 'Most Disruptive' Campaign Event

Palin Calls E-Mail Hack 'Most Disruptive' Campaign Event
Palin Calls E-Mail Hack 'Most Disruptive' Campaign Event 

By Kim Zetter 
Threat Level
November 18, 2009 

Never mind the disastrous interview with Katie Couric or the blank 
stares in response to Charlie Gibson's question about the Bush Doctrine. 
Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin calls the hacking of her 
Yahoo e-mail account "the most disruptive and discouraging" incident in 
last year's presidential campaign.

Writing in her new book, Going Rogue: An American Life, Palin says the 
intrusion into her personal e-mail account in September 2008 "created 
paralysis" in her administration, because it cut off easy communication 
with her "Alaska staff." Presumably, this refers to her staff in the 
governor's office, which would seem to be an acknowledgment that the 
personal account was used to conduct critical state work, as alleged in 
an activist's lawsuit last year.

Threat Level broke the story in September 2008 that someone using the 
name "Rubico" had obtained access to Palin's Yahoo e-mail account and 
posted photos -- including two pictures of her children -- and five 
screen shots of e-mail messages on the whistleblower site WikiLeaks. 
Bloggers traced "Rubico" to a 20-year-old Tennessee college student 
named David Kernell, whose father is a Democratic state legislator. 
Kernell is now free on bail awaiting trial for the hack, scheduled for 
next year.

Palin writes in her book that she was sitting in a Michigan hotel room 
with her husband Todd when she learned about the intrusion on TV. Just 
then Steve Schmidt, John McCain's campaign manager, walked in to confirm 
what she'd just seen on the news.


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