Microsoft denies it built 'backdoor' in Windows 7

Microsoft denies it built 'backdoor' in Windows 7
Microsoft denies it built 'backdoor' in Windows 7 

By Gregg Keizer
November 19, 2009

Microsoft today denied that it has built a backdoor into Windows 7, a 
concern that surfaced yesterday after a senior National Security Agency 
(NSA) official testified before Congress that the agency had worked on 
the operating system.

"Microsoft has not and will not put 'backdoors' into Windows," a company 
spokeswoman said, reacting to a Computerworld story Wednesday.

On Monday, Richard Schaeffer, the NSA's information assurance director, 
told the Senate's Subcommittee on Terrorism and Homeland Security that 
the agency had partnered with the developer during the creation of 
Windows 7 "to enhance Microsoft's operating system security guide."

Echoing earlier concerns, Marc Rotenberg, the executive director of the 
Electronics Privacy Information Center (EPIC), questioned the wisdom of 
letting the NSA participate in OS development. "The key problem is that 
NSA has a dual mission, COMPUSEC, computer security, now called cyber 
security, and SIGINT, signals intelligence, in other words 
surveillance," Rotenberg said in an e-mail.


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