Hancock Fabrics Linked to Fraud in 3 States

Hancock Fabrics Linked to Fraud in 3 States
Hancock Fabrics Linked to Fraud in 3 States 

By Linda McGlasson
Managing Editor
Bank Info Security
November 23, 2009

Bank customers in California, Wisconsin and Missouri are reporting 
fraudulent ATM withdrawals that police say are tied to transactions 
conducted with the Hancock Fabrics retail chain.

In California, Napa Police Department spokesman Brian McGovern says 60 
residents reported their cards being used by thieves. In one case, a 
Napa resident reported $840 in cash withdrawals. The Hancock Fabrics 
store on Imola Avenue in Napa was the "common thread" among the numerous 
people who reported credit and debit card fraud. McGovern says the store 
had recently replaced its point-of-sale machines.

At about the same time, as many as 70 Wisconsin victims reported 
suspicious ATM withdrawals from their accounts, according to Wood and 
Portage county law enforcement, which also ties the thefts to machines 
in Hancock Fabrics stores.

And in Missouri, at least 10 customers at Hancock Fabrics in the St. 
Louis area reported their debit card numbers and pin numbers stolen 
during the week of November 9.


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