Inside the Ring - Chinese, Russian cyberwarfare

Inside the Ring - Chinese, Russian cyberwarfare
Inside the Ring - Chinese, Russian cyberwarfare 

By Bill Gertz 
November 19, 2009


Chinese, Russian cyberwarfare

The Pentagon's National Defense University recently published a 
groundbreaking book that is one of the few U.S. government documents to 
highlight the cyberwarfare capabilities of both China and Russia.

The book "Cyberpower and National Security" contains a chapter on the 
issue revealing that China's computer attack capabilities have become 
"more visible and troubling" in recent years. "China has launched an 
unknown number of cyber reconnaissance and offensive events with unknown 
intent against a variety of countries," the chapter said.

Among the most important attacks were the 2005 cyber espionage attacks 
against Pentagon computer networks that federal investigators code-named 
Titan Rain. Another Chinese-origin attack involved computer operations 
against the U.S. Naval War College in 2006 that shut down systems.

According to the chapter, China's military strategists regard 
cyberwarfare as an important element of "pre-emptive" warfare 

Chinese military analysts Peng Guangqian and Yao Youzhi are quoted as 
saying China plans to use several types of pre-emptive attacks in a 
future conflict, including "striking the enemy's information center of 
gravity and weakening combat efficiency of his information systems and 
cyberized weapons" with the goal of weakening information superiority 
and reducing combat efficiency. 


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