HITB Security Conference 2010 Dubai Call for Papers

HITB Security Conference 2010 Dubai Call for Papers
HITB Security Conference 2010 Dubai Call for Papers

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The Call for Papers for HITB Security Conference 2010 Dubai is now open!

Talks that are more technical or that discuss new and never before seen
attack methods are of more interest than a subject that has been covered
several times before. Summaries not exceeding 1250 words should be
submitted (in plain text format) to cfp -at- for review
and possible inclusion in the programme.

Date: April 19th . 22nd 2010
Venue: Sheraton Dubai Creek
Keynote Speakers:

John Viega (CTO, SaaS, McAfee Inc.)
Matt Watchinski (Senior Director of Vulnerability Research, Sourcefire

Submissions are due no later than 1st February 2010.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:
# 3G/4G Cellular Networks
# Apple / OS X security vulnerabilities
# SS7/Backbone telephony networks
# VoIP security
# Firewall technologies
# Intrusion detection
# Data Recovery, Forensics and Incident Response
# HSDPA and CDMA Security
# WIMAX Security
# Identification and Entity Authentication
# Network Protocol and Analysis
# Smart Card and Physical Security
# Virus and Worms
# WLAN, GPS, HAM Radio, Satellite, RFID and Bluetooth Security
# Analysis of malicious code
# Applications of cryptographic techniques
# Analysis of attacks against networks and machines
# File system security
# Security of Embedded Devices
# Side Channel Analysis of Hardware Devices
# Cloud Security


We do not accept product or vendor related pitches. If your talk
involves an advertisement for a new product or service your company is
offering, please do not submit.

Your submission should include:
# Name, title, address, email and phone/contact number
# Short biography, qualification, occupation (limit 250 words)
# Summary or abstract for your presentation (limit 1250 words)
# Technical requirements (video, internet, wireless, audio, etc.)

Each non-resident speaker will receive accommodation for 2 nights/3
days. For each non-resident speaker, HITB will cover travel expenses up
to USD 1,200.00.

HITBSecConf2010 . Dubai 

In case you missed it, the photos and materials from HITBSecConf2009 -
Malaysia have been released. In addition the CTF Crew has also released
the bonus binaries from the CTF Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Video recordings of the talks will be released as usual in December
(just before Xmas).


CTF Binaries: 


Below are the dates for HITBSecConf2010 (block your calendars now :)

HITBSecConf2010 . Dubai . April 19th . 22nd
Keynote Speakers: John Viega & Matt Watchinski

HITBSecConf2010 . Amsterdam . July 5th . 8th
Keynote Speakers: Paul Asadoorian & Mark Curphey

HITBSecConf2010 . Malaysia . October 11th . 14th
Keynote Speakers: Paul Vixie, Chris Wysopal, Paul Ferguson

See you guys in Dubai!
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