Navy to investigate security breach

Navy to investigate security breach
Navy to investigate security breach 

By Henry McDonald
Ireland editor
The Observer
29 November 2009

Royal Navy investigators flew to Belfast last week after a memory stick 
containing "restricted" information on naval manoeuvres and personnel 
around the UK was reported missing.

The Observer has learnt that two senior detectives from the Royal Navy 
Police's Special Investigation Branch met members of the Police Service 
of Northern Ireland to investigate the issue.

The detectives flew from Portsmouth to discuss the loss of a USB memory 
stick close to Belfast docks last month. The device was found at the 
Odyssey car park, near the river Lagan. It was offered for sale to a 
newspaper, which declined the offer. It was later handed to the police 
in Bangor. The device is understood to have contained 37 pages of 
information on Royal Navy personnel including name, ages and ranks.

It also contained "restricted" information on naval operations around 
the UK, and the whereabouts of Royal Navy officers. Security sources 
said this weekend that naval investigators would examine the device to 
see if any of the material was copied. They will also look for 
"electronic footprints" on the device to find out who last used it.


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