Cyber crime danger

Cyber crime danger
Cyber crime danger 

Fiji Times
November 30, 2009

THE Police Force has forecast cyber crimes to increase by 40 to 50 per 
cent from 2010 to 2012.

Jemesa Lave of the police cyber crime unit said in these two years, it 
was anticipated that more complicated technological crimes would be 
perpetrated in Fiji.

Coupled with this, he said was the anticipated shift from conventional 
criminal operations to cybercrime.

"We need legislation, we need to ensure that standards are put in place 
to address computer crime issues," Mr Lave said.

He said people needed to be aware that computer crimes knew no borders.

Mr Lave said the major challenge for Fiji was having implemented 
legislations to cover this.

He said at present, the police had some degree of capability to detect 
and investigate recently enacted decrees to ensure offenders were 
brought to decide.

At the cyber crime unit, there are 13 INTERPOL trainers in IT crime 
investigation, two certified computer forensics specialist, computer 
forensics specialists, one certified application forensics speciality, 
and one certified mobile forensics specialist.

Mr Lave said 70 per cent of the reports they received had been 
investigated by CID headquarters.

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