Cyber Warfare Command to Be Launched in January

Cyber Warfare Command to Be Launched in January
Cyber Warfare Command to Be Launched in January 

By Jung Sung-ki
Staff Reporter
The Korea Times

The Ministry of National Defense will launch a cyber warfare command 
next month, officials said Tuesday.

The command will conduct both defensive and offensive cyber operations 
under the direction of the defense minister, they said.

Previously, the ministry had been considering establishing a cyber 
command under the control of the Defense Security Command (DSC), whose 
mission is to defend military networks against computer attacks.

The command will be led by a major general and have 200 specialists, the 
officials said.

Earlier this year, the DSC said the country's military computer networks 
faced about 95,000 reported hacking attacks per day on average.

In July, the government and industrial computer networks suffered from 
massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks for several days.

Some intelligence sources from South Korea and the United States blamed 
North Korea for the attacks, though no solid evidence has been found to 
support those claims.

North Korea is known to operate a cyber warfare unit that specializes in 
hacking into South Korean and U.S. military networks to extract 
classified information.

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