TSA Leaks Sensitive Airport Screening Manual

TSA Leaks Sensitive Airport Screening Manual
TSA Leaks Sensitive Airport Screening Manual 

By Kim Zetter 
Threat Level
December 7, 2009

Who needs anonymous sources when the government is perfectly capable of 
leaking its own secrets?

Government workers preparing the release of a Transportation Security 
Administration manual that details airport screening procedures badly 
bungled their redaction of the .pdf file. Result: The full text of a 
document considered "sensitive security information" was inadvertently 

Anyone who's interested can read about which passengers are more likely 
to be targeted for secondary screening, who is exempt from screening, 
TSA procedures for screening foreign dignitaries and CIA-escorted 
passengers, and extensive instructions for calibrating Siemens 
walk-through metal detectors.

The 93-page document also includes sample images of DHS, CIA (see above) 
and congressional identification cards, with instructions on what to 
look for to verify an authentic pass.

The manual, titled Screening Management Standard Operating Procedure, is 
dated May 28, 2008. It contains this warning: "NO PART OF THIS RECORD 

Notwithstanding that disclaimer, the document appeared on FedBizOpps, a 
government clearinghouse that lists federal contracting opportunities 
for vendors. It has since been removed from the site, but not before 
someone grabbed it and submitted it to the whistleblower site Cryptome, 
where the formerly-redacted portions are highlighted in red boxes. The 
discovery was first made by a blogger at Wandering Aramean.


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