Cyber Thief Seeks Hit Man to Kill Informant

Cyber Thief Seeks Hit Man to Kill Informant
Cyber Thief Seeks Hit Man to Kill Informant 

By Kim Zetter
Threat Level
December 14, 2009

A convicted credit card thief and bank fraudster has pleaded guilty to 
solicitation of murder for attempting to put out a contract on a federal 

Pavel Igorevich Valkovich, 28, admitted last week that he discussed 
hiring a hitman to kill the unidentified informant in a drive-by 
shooting. He submitted his guilty plea the first day of his trial on the 
murder-for-hire charge.

According to authorities, last January Valkovich discussed with someone 
he met at prison the possibility of Dill explained that he was working 
with insiders at the bank who had access codes for employees at 
different branches, and could use them to change the phone number and 
address of bank customers. Dill wanted the informant to open a PayPal 
account so that he could initiate money transfers from the victim bank 
accounts into the PayPal account. The bank insider would change the 
contact information to a phone number that Dill and his accomplices 
controlled, so that if the bank called to verify the transaction, the 
thieves would receive the call.

The transfers didn't occur, but later Dill e-mailed stolen information 
for a Bank of America account for a business named MJN Investment Group. 
The data included the victim's Social Security number, tax ID number, 
phone passcode, checking and savings account numbers, and other 
information. The informant was supposed to use the information to open a 
fictitious Pay Pal account using the victim's name and money.


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