Texas company lays out 'hacking' case against Minnesota Public Radio

Texas company lays out 'hacking' case against Minnesota Public Radio
Texas company lays out 'hacking' case against Minnesota Public Radio

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By David Brauer
Dec 15 2009 

Do Minnesota Public Radio and reporter Sasha Aslanian realistically face 
civil and criminal penalties after uncovering a Texas firm=E2=80=99s security 
breaches involving state of Minnesota job-seeker data?

Lookout Services - which acknowledges an October security breach and 
subsequent security weaknesses - claimed in a Dec. 14 statement that 
their data was "illegally compromised." The company - which notes "only 
the Minnesota Public Radio reporter viewed" some data and wants MPR to 
disclose what was viewed - will "aggressively seek prosecution for this 
egregious act," according to the statement.

In a Dec. 11 report, Aslanian said she was able to see "employee names, 
birth dates, Social Security numbers and hire dates" on Lookout's web 
site "without using a password or encryption software."

Lookout CEO Elaine Morley says that=E2=80=99s not the whole truth. She contends 
Aslanian did use a password and ID to penetrate Lookout's security - and 
told Morley so during a Dec. 7 phone call. Later, Morley asserts, 
Aslanian used information from that penetration to view the state data, 
even though she didn=E2=80=99t need a password or encryption that time.


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