Adobe To Surpass Microsoft As Hacker Target

Adobe To Surpass Microsoft As Hacker Target
Adobe To Surpass Microsoft As Hacker Target 

By Antone Gonsalves
December 30, 2009

Adobe Reader and Flash will surpass Microsoft Office applications as 
favorite targets of cybercriminals, a security vendor predicted Tuesday.

In unveiling its 2010 Threat Predictions report, McAfee said the growing 
popularity of the Adobe products has attracted the attention of 
cybercriminals, who have been increasingly targeting the applications. 
Adobe Reader and Flash are two of the most widely deployed applications 
in the world.

As a result of Adobe's success in client software, McAfee Labs believes 
"Adobe product exploitation will likely surpass that of Microsoft Office 
applications in 2010."

Security experts for quite a while have warned of the potential security 
risk posed by Flash. In November, Foreground Security identified a flaw 
in the way Web browsers handle Flash files that could be used to 
compromise Web sites that have users submit content.

Beyond Adobe, cybercriminals are also expected to step up efforts next 
year to crack social networking sites, as well as third-party 
applications in general. Internet users can expect crooks to use more 
complex Trojans and botnets to build and execute attacks and to take 
advantage of HTML 5 to create threats. HTML 5 is the next major revision 
of hypertext markup language, the core markup language of the Web.


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