Alleged Ponzi Mastermind Stanford Pwned in Antigua

Alleged Ponzi Mastermind Stanford Pwned in Antigua
Alleged Ponzi Mastermind Stanford Pwned in Antigua 

By Brian Krebs  
Threat Level
January 5, 2010

In early 2008, while federal investigators were busy looking into 
disgraced financier Robert Allen Stanford for his part in an alleged $8 
billion fraudulent investment scheme, Eastern European hackers were 
quietly hoovering up tens of thousands of customer financial records 
from the Bank of Antigua, an institution formerly owned by the Stanford 

According to a fraud investigator with firsthand knowledge of the 
break-in, the hackers responsible infiltrated a component of the 
Stanford Group's network by exploiting vulnerabilities in the company's 
web servers and databases. On the condition of anonymity, the 
investigator shared with this author files recovered from the breach, 
which were stored in plain text for at least several weeks on a website 
controlled by the attackers. This source said he forwarded the same 
information on to the FBI shortly after discovering it in early 2008.

Once inside Stanford's network, the unidentified hackers appear to have 
swiped the credentials from an internal network administrator. They soon 
had downloaded the user names and password hashes for more than 1,000 
employees of Stanford Financial, Stanford Group, Stanford Trust and 
Stanford International Bank.

Among the purloined files is a listing of what appears to be ownership 
and balance information for tens of thousands of customer accounts at 
Bank of Antigua. Each listing includes the account number, owner's name, 
address, balance and accrued interest.


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