Cyber Attack Simulation Planned Next Month

Cyber Attack Simulation Planned Next Month
Cyber Attack Simulation Planned Next Month 

By Thomas Claburn
January 6, 2010

A financial services industry group is planning to simulate a series of 
cyber attacks to test how well banks, payment processors and retailers 
deal with online threats.

The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center 
(FS-ISAC), a group formed in response to a 1998 Presidential security 
directive, on Tuesday invited financial institutions, retailers, card 
processors, and businesses of all sizes to participate in its Cyber 
Attack against Payment Processes (CAPP) Exercise.

"FS-ISAC in conjunction with a variety of industry partners is testing 
their members' emergency response, notification, and communication 
procedures in response to a number of different types of cyber attacks 
against payment processes," the group's Web site says. "The three-day 
exercise will simulate a different attack scenario each day. Detailed 
result collection is kept confidential."

The CAPP event is scheduled for February 9 through 11, 2010. 
Participants will be expected to activate their incident response 
procedures in accordance with the scenario presented and to complete an 
anonymous survey to evaluate their organization's response.


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