Go Card error investigated

Go Card error investigated
Go Card error investigated 

By Nikole Jacobi
ABC News
11 January 2010

Queensland's acting Premier Paul Lucas maintains Queensland's Go Card 
transport system is the envy of other states, but concedes the 
Government needs to do better.

An investigation is underway into how one person's Go Card credit was 
wrongly transferred to another person with the same name.

Two call centre employees have been stood down pending the outcome.

Mr Lucas says security protocols were not followed.

"People have raised a number of concerns about how the Go Card was 
rolled out in the last week or so and I've got to say we have to do 
better with that and Translink has got to make sure that it is doing 
everything in its power to make sure that people get appropriate and 
proper levels of service," he said.

"But having said that, we have a Go Card system that is the envy of 
other states."

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