Heartland to pay up to $60M to Visa over breach

Heartland to pay up to $60M to Visa over breach
Heartland to pay up to $60M to Visa over breach 

By Grant Gross
IDG News Service
January 8, 2010 

Heartland Payment Systems will pay up to $60 million to issuers of Visa 
credit and debit cards for losses they incurred from a 2008 data breach 
at the large payment processor.

The settlement between Heartland and Visa, announced today, will offer 
card issuers "an immediate recovery with respect to losses they may have 
incurred from the Heartland intrusion," Ellen Richey, Visa's chief 
enterprise risk officer, said in a statement.

Heartland disclosed the breach a year ago. The U.S. Department of 
Justice has charged Albert Gonzalez and several other accomplices with 
the data breach, and Heartland was one of several companies they broke 
into using SQL injection attacks. Gonzalez and his associates stole more 
than 130 million credit card numbers from Heartland, prosecutors 

Gonzalez pleaded guilty in the Heartland case and in two other data 
breach cases. In the Heartland case, he pleaded guilty in December to 
two counts of conspiracy and will receive a prison term of at least 17 


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