Maryland aims to be cybersecurity 'epicenter'

Maryland aims to be cybersecurity 'epicenter'
Maryland aims to be cybersecurity 'epicenter' 

By Grant Gross
IDG News Service
January 11, 2010

Maryland officials want the state to be the U.S. "epicenter" for 
fighting cyber attacks, and on Monday they launched an effort to bring 
more cybersecurity research and jobs to the state.

Maryland has several resources that make it the perfect place to be a 
national -- and world -- leader in cybersecurity, said Governor Martin 
O'Malley, speaking at a kick-off event at the U.S. National Institute of 
Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Maryland. In addition 
to the NIST, Maryland is home to the U.S. National Security Agency, 12 
major military installations, world-class schools such as Johns Hopkins 
University and dozens of top cybersecurity vendors, O'Malley and other 
officials said.

Cybersecurity leadership and innovation is needed at a time when the 
U.S. is getting attacked from all sides, said Senator Barbara Mikulski, 
a Maryland Democrat. "Cybersecurity is all-hands-on-deck and 
all-agencies-on-deck," she said.

O'Malley's administration on Monday released a 32-page report, called 
CyberMaryland, focused on ways to improve cybersecurity efforts in the 
state. The report calls for the state to work with the U.S. government 
to establish a national center of excellence in cybersecurity in the 
state, including a cybersecurity business incubator and an education and 
training center.


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