Hackers pluck 8,300 customer logins from bank server

Hackers pluck 8,300 customer logins from bank server
Hackers pluck 8,300 customer logins from bank server 

By Dan Goodin in San Francisco
The Register
12th January 2010

Hackers have stolen the login credentials for more than 8,300 customers 
of small New York bank after breaching its security and accessing a 
server that hosted its online banking system.

The intrusion at Suffolk County National Bank happened over a six-day 
period that started on November 18, according to a release (PDF) [1] 
issued Monday. It was discovered on December 24 during an internal 
security review. In all, credentials 8,378 online accounts were 
pilfered, a number that represents less than 10 percent of SCNB's total

"Although the intrusion was limited in duration and scope, SCNB 
immediately isolated and rebuilt the compromised server and took other 
measures to ensure the security of data on the server," the bank, 
located about an hour east of New York City, stated. "To date, SCNB has 
found no evidence of any unauthorized access to online banking accounts, 
nor received any reports of unusual activity or reports of financial 
loss to its customers."

The breach represents a variation on more traditional types of attacks 
on online banking. Cyber crooks typically target customers by 
surreptitiously planting malware on their computers that log their user 
name and password. The FBI estimates that online banking losses to small 
and medium-sized businesses alone have reached $100m.



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