Help InfoSec News with a Donation

Help InfoSec News with a Donation
Help InfoSec News with a Donation 

Richard Clarke once said...

"If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, then you will be 
hacked. What's more, you deserve to be hacked."

For $1.00 at the local diner, you can buy a bottomless cup of coffee. At 
the local bookstore, a large three shot, double latte soy cappuccino is 
about $6.25. Ideally we'd like to see every InfoSec News reader 
sacrifice at least three (or more) days without his or her coffee to 
enable us to continue the work we've been doing, but also improve our 

Donation drives in the past have implemented the InfoSec News RSS feed, 
a digest version of InfoSec News, and the capability to run searches of 
past InfoSec News articles. A fast server was donated and has been 
running for some two and a half years, I can't say enough good things 
about our hosting company except with present economic conditions at 
this end its been tough trying to cover the related expenses of keeping 
it all up and running.

A donation of $3 to $7 isn't a lot when you consider the work done 
behind the scenes here, such as dealing with Microsoft SMTPSVC, bounced 
mail, and dead addresses. Its no small feat finding, filtering, 
formatting, and analyzing the news stories that more than 5300 
information security, homeland defense, and open source intelligence 
professionals depend on, on a daily basis. 

Through PayPal we can accept donations in all the major currencies 
however, PayPal keeps 2.9% of your payment plus a fixed cost of $0.30 
per transaction.

Donations to may be deductible as an operating expense 
and advertising is deductible as an operating expense. Contact your 
accountant or tax professional for the exact determinations. The same 
applies in other countries where corporations can make deductible 
donations under the terms of "Good Will".

We greatly appreciate any amount you're willing to send out way, 
Thank you for your continued support! 

William Knowles 
InfoSec News 

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