DarkMarket Ringleader Pleads Guilty in London

DarkMarket Ringleader Pleads Guilty in London
DarkMarket Ringleader Pleads Guilty in London

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By Kim Zetter  
Threat Level 
January 21, 2010

A former ringleader of a top internet carding site run secretly by the 
FBI has pleaded guilty in the United Kingdom.

Renukanth Subramaniam, aka JiLsi, was a former Pizza Hut delivery guy 
who helped run one of the leading English-language criminal sites, 
DarkMarket. The site operated as an international cyber-bazaar for more 
than 2,000 hackers, carders and identity thieves until it was closed in 

Members of the site traded in stolen bank card and identification data. 
They bought and sold specialized equipment for skimming card and PIN 
numbers, and for cloning data to blank cards. The activities on 
DarkMarket are estimated to have resulted in fraud amounting to tens of 
millions of dollars.

Subramaniam, a Sri Lankan=E2=80=93born British citizen who was arrested in 2007, 
pleaded guilty last week to charges of conspiracy to defraud and five 
counts of distributing false information. The conspiracy charge alone 
carries a possible 10-year prison term. Judge John Hillen warned that 
Subramaniam =E2=80=9Cinevitably=E2=80=9D faces a =E2=80=9Csubstantial custodial sentence.=E2=80=9D


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