Oracle Sues Rimini Street For 'Massive Theft'

Oracle Sues Rimini Street For 'Massive Theft'
Oracle Sues Rimini Street For 'Massive Theft' 

By Paul McDougall
January 26, 2010

The battle between Oracle and Seth Ravin is on again--and customers 
might get caught in the crossfire.

InformationWeek has learned that the software maker on Monday filed a 
lawsuit against Ravin's Rimini Street, Inc. for allegedly swiping Oracle 
software and intellectual property so it can provide cut-rate, 
third-party support to Oracle customers.

The outcome of the case could impact businesses' ability to turn to 
unofficial support channels in order to bypass pricey enterprise 
software maintenance contracts that can cost millions of dollars.

Oracle said Rimini Street is using ill-gotten materials to provide such 
services. "This case is about massive theft of Oracle's software and 
related support materials through an illegal business model," Oracle 
said in court papers filed Monday in federal court in Nevada.

Oracle and Ravin, who is president and CEO of Rimini Street, have 
crossed paths before.


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