TechCrunch hacked twice in 24 hours

TechCrunch hacked twice in 24 hours
TechCrunch hacked twice in 24 hours 

By Phil Muncaster
27 Jan 2010

Security experts are warning webmasters to be on their guard, after 
popular technology blog TechCrunch was hacked for the second time in 24 
hours. Users were greeted this time with a four-letter tirade against 
the site's founder, Michael Arrington.

The first hack happened at around 6am GMT yesterday morning, when 
visitors saw a blank page with a brief message and a link to a site 
containing links to "adult and pirated material", according to Sophos 
senior technology consultant Graham Cluley.

Later that morning the site posted a brief story about the hack. "At 
this point we are still gathering information on how the site was 
compromised, and will update this post with additional information," it 

However, Cluley said in a blog post that the site was compromised again 
within 24 hours, and that the hackers left another message.

"So Arrington, how much did all the media coverage yesterday brought you 
in trough the welcome.html ad you forced people to? What a f***ing 
retarded move was that you t***. You should be thanking me and sucking 
on my f***ing b***sack for not deleting everyone on the box and 
publishing the mysql, if that's what you want O.K, I can do that," the 
message read.


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