Call for Papers: RAID'10

Call for Papers: RAID'10
Call for Papers: RAID'10

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Forwarded from: Thorsten Holz 

Dear colleagues,

please find below the Call for Papers for RAID'10 
( Apologies for 
multiple copies of this announcement.

Best regards,

 Thorsten Holz

                First Call for Papers

                      RAID 2010 
  September 15-17, 2010 - Ottawa, Canada

This symposium, the 13th in an annual series, brings together leading 
researchers and practitioners from academia, government, and industry to 
discuss issues and technologies related to intrusion detection and 
defense. The Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection (RAID) International 
Symposium series furthers advances in intrusion defense by promoting the 
exchange of ideas in a broad range of topics. As in previous years, all 
topics related to intrusion detection, prevention and defense systems 
and technologies are within scope, including but not limited to the 

       =E2=80=A2 Network and host intrusion detection and prevention
       =E2=80=A2 Anomaly and specification-based approaches
       =E2=80=A2 IDS cooperation and event correlation
       =E2=80=A2 Malware prevention, detection, analysis and containment
       =E2=80=A2 Web application security
       =E2=80=A2 Insider attack detection
       =E2=80=A2 Intrusion response, tolerance, and self protection
       =E2=80=A2 Operational experience and limitations of current approaches
       =E2=80=A2 Intrusion detection assessment and benchmarking
       =E2=80=A2 Attacks against IDS including DoS, evasion, and IDS discovery
       =E2=80=A2 Formal models, analysis, and standards
       =E2=80=A2 Deception systems and honeypots
       =E2=80=A2 Vulnerability analysis, risk assessment, and forensics
       =E2=80=A2 Adversarial machine learning for security
       =E2=80=A2 Visualization techniques
       =E2=80=A2 Special environments, including mobile and sensor networks
       =E2=80=A2 High-performance intrusion detection
       =E2=80=A2 Legal, social, and privacy issues
       =E2=80=A2 Network exfiltration detection
       =E2=80=A2 Botnet analysis, detection, and mitigation

Important Dates:

Paper submission deadline:      April 4, 2010
Paper acceptance or rejection:  June 7, 2010
Final paper camera-ready copy:  June 20, 2010
Poster abstract submission deadline:    June 20, 2010
Poster acceptance or rejection: June 28, 2010

RAID 2010 invites two types of submissions:

- Full papers presenting mature research results or summarizing 
operational experience protecting or monitoring large real-world 
networks. Papers can be 10-20 pages long and, if accepted, they will be 
presented and included in the RAID 2010 proceedings published by 
Springer Verlag in its Lecture Notes in Computer Science series. Papers 
must be formatted according to the instructions provided by Springer 
Verlag, and include an abstract and a list of keywords.
- Posters describing innovative ideas not mature enough for a full paper 
and works in progress. A two-page poster abstract formatted as a full 
paper with an abstract must be submitted. If accepted, it will be 
published in the proceedings and the poster will be presented.

Student Scholarships:
RAID 2010 is planning to offer student scholarships to reduce symposium 
attendance costs. Details about the availability of scholarships and 
application deadlines will be provided soon.

RAID will be held in conjunction with the 7th International Symposium on 
Visualization for Cyber Security (VizSec) September 14, 2010. More 
information about VizSec is available at 

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