Hackers Try to Steal $150,000 from United Way

Hackers Try to Steal $150,000 from United Way
Hackers Try to Steal $150,000 from United Way 

By Brian Krebs
Krebs on Security 
February 3rd, 2010

Hackers broke into computer systems at a Massachusetts chapter of the 
United Way last month and attempted to make off with more than $150,000 
from one of the nation.s largest charities.

Patricia Latimore, chief financial officer at the United Way of 
Massachusetts Bay and Merrimac Valley, said unknown attackers tried to 
initiate a number of bogus financial transfers out of the organization.s 
bank account, but that the United Way was able to work with its bank to 
block or reverse the unauthorized transfers.

"We were able to pretty much capture things as they were happening," 
Latimore said. "Fortunately, we saw it on the day that it occurred."

The intruders attempted to send more than $110,000 in unauthorized 
payroll transfers to at least a dozen individuals across the United 
States who had no prior business with the United Way chapter. At least 
one large wire transfer was attempted, for nearly $40,000, to a 
32-year-old man in New York.


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