Military Intelligence: IDF is prepared for Cyberwarfare

Military Intelligence: IDF is prepared for Cyberwarfare
Military Intelligence: IDF is prepared for Cyberwarfare 

By Arnon Ben-Dror  
Israel Defense Forces
03 February 2010

In a paper published by the head of the Military Intelligence 
Directorate, Major General Amos Yadlin, in the Intelligence Research 
Center Journal, described the development of cyberwarfare, computer 
attacks in the 21st century, and the capabilities required from armies 
to fight this medium successfully.

According to Maj. Gen. Yadlin, cyberwarfare is divided into three areas: 
intelligence gathering, defense and attack. "Anyone who is able to hack 
(personal computers, cell phones and internet) ends up knowing quite a 
lot. If you catch my drift," warned the Military Intelligence chief in 
the article.

"Just imagine the damage a single skilled hacker could cause if he 
penetrated the systems of the infrastructure, transportation and 
communications companies," continued Maj. Gen. Yadlin.  Additionally he 
spoke of the attacks on government sites, banks and communications in 
Estonia following the crisis with Russia, which accused Russia of 
cyberwarfare; the attack on local networks during the war in Georgia, 
where Russia was also accused; and the attacks on computer networks in 
the U.S. and South Korea, where North Korea was blamed for penetrating 
into U.S and South Korean servers. None of the charges against the 
aggressor countries, stressed Yadlin, were verified even until now.

Maj. Gen. Yadlin, concerned about the potential defensive capabilities, 
stated: "Many people believe that defense must go hand in hand with 
intelligence gathering and attack. Cyber power gives the little guys the 
kind of ability that used to be confined to superpowers. Like unmanned 
aircraft, it's a use of force that can strike without regard for 
distance or duration, and without endangering fighters' lives."

The head of the Military Intelligence Directorate reminded that the 
United States has already established a cyber command, and in Britain 
there is an official body that deals with the issuet "because they 
understand the responsibility for dealing with this evolving new world," 
and stressed that "proper dimension for cyber warfare fits with Israel's 
conception of security. No great natural resources are required. It's 
all available right here, without any dependence on foreign aid, in an 
area with which Israeli young people are very familiar."

"Staying ahead of the game is important in light of the dizzying change 
of pace in the cyber world: at most, a few months in response to a 
change, compared to the years that pilots have."

Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin concluded: "Every day I meet the soldiers and 
officers whose job is to march us confidently ahead into this new world. 
With them we will be able to compete in the Cyber Premier League."

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