CSIIRW Sixth Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Research Workshop

CSIIRW Sixth Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Research Workshop
CSIIRW Sixth Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Research Workshop

Forwarded from: Frederick Sheldon 


April 21-23, 2010
Sixth Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Research Workshop 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
CSIIRW-09 Proceedings

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  Mar 01 	Extended abstracts (up to 4 pages) submitted 
  Mar 22 	Author notification
  Apr 02 	Early registration deadline
  Apr 19 	Submission of presentation slides and final revised 
              	extended abstracts
  May 29 	Publication of CSIIR Workshop Proceedings in ACM Digital  
               	Library (including extended abstracts and presentations)
  Jun 15 	Submission deadline of full papers (optional) to HICSS 
                Information Security and Cyber Crime Research Minitrack
Despite ubiquitous dependence on electronic information and on the 
networked computing infrastructure, cyber security practice and policy 
is largely heuristic, reactive, and increasingly cumbersome, struggling 
to keep pace with rapidly evolving threats. Advancing beyond this 
reactive posture will require a transformation in computing and 
communication systems architecture and new capabilities that do not 
merely solve todays security problems, but render them obsolete. 
The aim of this workshop is to discuss (and publish) novel theoretical 
and empirical research focused on the many different aspects of cyber 
security and information intelligence. The scope will vary from 
methodologies and tools to systems and applications to more precise 
definition of the various problems and impacts.
We encourage the participation of researchers and practitioners from a 
wide range of professional disciplines to ensure a comprehensive 
understanding of the needs, stakes and the ever evolving context of 
Consider the following non-exclusive topics: 
 + Scalable trustworthy systems (hardware enabled trust and 
   moving target defenses)
 + Enterprise-level metrics (cyber economics)
 + Coping with insider and life-cycle threats
 + Coping with malware and polymorphism (black/white lists 
   and dynamic program analysis)
 + Phishing/whaling, spam and cyber crime
 + High assurance system survivability
 + Cyber security for the Smart Grid
 + Digital provenance and data integrity
 + Privacy-aware security and usable security
 + Social networking models for managing trust and security 

 + Keynote speakers are still being finalized.     
Participants are invited to submit extended abstracts of no more 
than four pages (single-spaced) by March 1. Read the full 
submission instructions and visit the submission site.
General Chairs:
  +  Frederick T. Sheldon and Stacy J. Prowell
      Computational Sciences and Engineering Division
      Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Program Co-Chairs:
  +  Elisa Bertino, CERIAS      
      Purdue University
  +  Greg Peterson, Department of EECS
      University of Tennessee

  +  Axel Krings, Computer Science Department
      University of Idaho

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