Sweden Probing Cisco, NASA Hacks

Sweden Probing Cisco, NASA Hacks
Sweden Probing Cisco, NASA Hacks 

By David Kravets
Threat Level
February 8, 2010

Swedish investigators are probing a hacker U.S. authorities accuse of 
unlawfully intruding into Cisco Systems, NASA.s Ames Research Center and 
NASA's Advanced Supercomputing Division, the authorities said Monday.

Philip Gabriel Pettersson, known in the hacking world as "Stakkato," 
allegedly seized computer code that controls internet traffic. After the 
2004 breach of Cisco, the proprietary source code for Cisco's IOS 
operating system was discovered on a Russian website.

Pettersson was indicted in the United States in May on five hacking 
counts, (.pdf) but could not be brought from Sweden to the United States 
for trial. Sweden does not extradite its own citizens, but said it was 
examining whether to prosecute him in Sweden after U.S. authorities in 
San Francisco initiated that request.

"The intrusions to Cisco Company and NASA are regarded as computer 
intrusion according to Swedish law," (.pdf) Swedish prosecutor Chatrine 
Rudstrom told federal prosecutors in San Francisco, according to 
documents released Monday.


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