More information security experts needed, says CyberSecurity Malaysia

More information security experts needed, says CyberSecurity Malaysia
More information security experts needed, says CyberSecurity Malaysia 


KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 9 (Bernama) -- Although Internet banking cybercrimes 
are still at a manageable level, the country still needs to produce more 
information security experts, according to CyberSecurity Malaysia.

"I do not want to claim we have a lack of experts or our experts are 
enough to solve problems but we need to collaborate to produce more 
experts," said its chief executive officer Lt Col (Rtd) Husin Jazri.

He said with the number of Internet users rising and the trend moving 
into an advanced level such as mobile banking, the country needed to be 
prepared in all areas, particularly with information security experts.

Currently, Malaysia has about 16 million Internet users, he told 
reporters after delivering the opening speech at the CyberSecurity RSA 
Seminar 2010 here today.

On online banking, Husin said it was the users rather than financial 
institutions that were most affected by the cybercrimes.

"I'm not worried about the banks. They have a lot of money to secure 
their systems. They can have the world's best consultant to look into 
their security systems," he said.

"It's the human part that gets affected, not the technological part. The 
users become the victims. When the users communicate to the banks, they 
are exposed to the social engineering, scams and other threats."

According to Husin, online users should be aware that banks never do 
online maintenance as far as Internet banking is concerned for their 

"We need to educate users on this fact which can contribute towards 
curbing the problem when they aware of this aspect," he said.

>From the total of 3,564 cases reported last year, 1,022 were fraud and 
forgery cases, which accounted for one-third of the cases, Husin said.

"We should share know-how and identify the necessary strategy to address 
threats such as increasing risk of security breaches, identity theft, 
phishing and cyberterrorism," he said.

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