Hacker 'Mudge' gets DARPA job

Hacker 'Mudge' gets DARPA job
Hacker 'Mudge' gets DARPA job 

By Elinor Mills
InSecurity Complex 
February 10, 2010

Peiter Zatko -- a respected hacker known as "Mudge"--has been tapped to 
be a program manager at DARPA, where he will be in charge of funding 
research designed to help give the U.S. government tools needed to 
protect against cyberattacks, CNET has learned.

Zatko will become a program manager in mid-March within the Strategic 
Technologies Office at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects 
Agency), which is the research and development office for the Department 
of Defense. His focus will be cybersecurity, he said in an interview 
with CNET on Tuesday.

One of his main goals will be to fund researchers at hacker spaces, 
start-ups, and boutiques who are most likely to develop technologies 
that can leapfrog what comes out of large corporations. "I want 
revolutionary changes. I don't want evolutionary ones," he said.

He's also hoping that giving a big push to research and development will 
do more to advance the progress of cybersecurity than public policy 
decisions have been able to do over the past few decades.


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