'Sophisticated' Hack Hit Intel in January

'Sophisticated' Hack Hit Intel in January
'Sophisticated' Hack Hit Intel in January 

By Kim Zetter
Threat Level
February 23, 2010

Intel is the latest U.S. corporation to acknowledge that it was hacked 
in January in a sophisticated attack that occurred at the same time that 
Google, Adobe and others were targeted.

The giant California-based chipmaker was rumored to have been among some 
34 companies that were targeted, but said on Tuesday there was no 
evidence to tie its hack to the attack on Google and others.

"We did not see the kind of broad-based attack as described by Google," 
said Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy. "Companies routinely see hackers 
trying to get into their system. It is a risk factor and that's why it 
was in the 10-K. We've seen no loss of [intellectual property] as a 
result of any of these attacks."

In its latest 10-K filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission, 
Intel disclosed that it had been the target of a "sophisticated incident 
[that] occurred in January 2010 around the same time as the recently 
publicized security incident reported by Google."

The company did not indicate in its SEC filing what information was 
taken, if any, or who was behind the attack and couched the disclosure 
as just one of many regular attempts to invade its networks.


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