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By Peter Key 
Staff Writer
Philadelphia Business Journal
February 24, 2010

One of the three men charged with hacking into the Web site for 
Comcast=E2=80=99s Internet customers last year has pleaded guilty, the U.S. 
Attorney=E2=80=99s Office in Philadelphia said Wednesday.

Christopher Allen Lewis, whose hacker alias was EBK, pleaded guilty to 
conspiring to disrupt service on the site on May 28 and 29.

Lewis, 20, of Newark, Del., was charged in November, along with James 
Robert Black, whose hacker name was Defiant, and Michael Paul Nebel, who 
went by the name Slacker. Black and Nebel are awaiting court dates.

The U.S. Attorney=E2=80=99s Office said the men, who were associated with the 
hacker group Kryogenics, on May 28 redirected traffic destined for to Web sites they had set up.


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