N.Y. Firm Faces Bankruptcy from $164,000 E-Banking Loss

N.Y. Firm Faces Bankruptcy from $164,000 E-Banking Loss
N.Y. Firm Faces Bankruptcy from $164,000 E-Banking Loss 

By Brian Krebs
Krebs on Security
February 24th, 2010

A New York marketing firm that as recently as two weeks ago was 
preparing to be acquired now is facing bankruptcy from a computer virus 
infection that cost the company more than $164,000.

Karen McCarthy, owner of Merrick, N.Y. based Little & King LLC, a small 
promotions company, discovered on Monday, Feb. 15 that her firm's bank 
account had been emptied the previous Friday. McCarthy said she 
immediately called her bank - Cherry Hill, N.J. based TD Bank - and 
learned that between Feb. 10 and Feb. 12, unknown thieves had made five 
wire transfers out of the account to two individuals and two companies 
with whom the McCarthys had never had any prior business.

"She was told to go to the branch next day, and she did, and the people 
at the branch were very nice, apologetic, and said, "Whatever happened, 
we'll replace it,." Karen McCarthy's husband Craig said. "She called 
them up on Wednesday, and they gave her the runaround. Then she finally 
got to talk to someone and they said "We don't see the error on our 

Immediately before the fraud occurred, Mrs. McCarthy found that her 
Windows PC would no longer boot, and that the computer complained it 
could not find vital operating system files. "She was using it one day 
and then this blue screen of death just came on her screen," said a 
longtime friend who was helping McCarthy triage her computer.


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