RSA: Cybersecurity A Joint Fed, Industry Effort

RSA: Cybersecurity A Joint Fed, Industry Effort
RSA: Cybersecurity A Joint Fed, Industry Effort 

By J. Nicholas Hoover
March 8, 2010

Government officials played a starring role at the annual RSA Conference 
last week, laying out their plans for government cybersecurity, 
particularly the need for increased cooperation with industry, in 
keynotes and panel sessions throughout the week.

White House cybersecurity coordinator Howard Schmidt set the tone in his 
Tuesday keynote address, focusing heavily on increasing partnerships and 
transparency when it comes to the federal government's role in 

In his remarks, Schmidt announced that the White House is declassifying 
part of its 12-part cybersecurity strategy, the Comprehensive National 
Cybersecurity Initiative, making note of its calls for increased 
co-operation between government and industry.

Schmidt dedicated most of his talk to giving an update on the progress 
of near-term action items the Cyber Policy Review completed last year. 
Schmidt noted the development of new Federal Information Security 
Management Act metrics, the development of formal cybersecurity 
education and awareness programs, and other ongoing efforts.


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