And the password is... obvious

And the password is... obvious
And the password is... obvious 

By Kevin McCaney
April 02, 2010

Symantec recently surveyed computer users on their use of passwords, how 
they choose them and how often they update them. The results revealed 
that a good number of people are still pretty sloppy about passwords, 
such as the 3 percent who admitted to using "password," the 5 percent 
who use their middle name and the 10 percent who use their pets' names 
-- which could come back to bite anyone who also has a social networking 
page. Here's a sample of the results:

    * 44 percent have more than 20 accounts that require passwords.

    * 45 percent have just a few passwords that are alternated for all 

    * 18 percent have a different password for each account.

    * 10 percent used their pets' name when creating a password.

    * 63 percent do not change their passwords very often.


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