'Activist' UCSD professor facing unusual scrutiny

'Activist' UCSD professor facing unusual scrutiny
'Activist' UCSD professor facing unusual scrutiny 

By Eleanor Yang Su
Union-Tribune Staff Writer
April 6, 2010

UCSD professor Ricardo Dominguez is facing unusual scrutiny from campus 
police and auditors for his involvement in two divisive projects -- one 
that helps migrants find water stored along the border and another that 
disrupted the UC president's Web site through a virtual sit-in.

Dominguez, 50, is a self-described activist and new media artist who is 
accustomed to stirring up controversy. But he said he's troubled that 
his tenured status may be revoked for work that promotes his academic 
specialty of electronic civil disobedience.

His supporters said Dominguez's academic freedom is being trampled 
because he targeted administrators last month over its financial 
management. The sympathizers include coalitions of more than 50 faculty 
members at the University of California San Diego.

Others, including three Republican congressmen who have written to UCSD 
Chancellor Marye Anne Fox, said Dominguez should not be using taxpayer 
money to develop programs that aid illegal immigrants.

Last week, UCSD police questioned Dominguez about whether he committed a 
crime with the virtual sit-in.


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