Maley: Here's How Firing REALLY Went Down

Maley: Here's How Firing REALLY Went Down
Maley: Here's How Firing REALLY Went Down 

By Bill Brenner
Senior Editor
April 06, 2010 

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Former State of Pennsylvania CISO Robert Maley 
has been watching all the news about his firing for talking about a 
security incident without permission at last month's RSA conference. He 
wants everyone to know that they shouldn't believe everything they read 
and hear.

He began a talk on application security at CSO Perspectives 2010 Tuesday 
by going off topic and addressing the controversy head on.

He said he was at RSA while on vacation because the state had cut the 
security budget by 38 percent, eliminating things like conference 
travel. "Being responsible for securing the information of 12 million 
citizens, I always felt events like this one and RSA are huge because of 
what you can learn from others," he said.

He said he chose to discuss a scam targeting the online driving test 
system at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation as an example of 
how successfully the security program he built over three years worked. 
Because of state Website monitoring procedures, the incident was caught 
early, he said.

"By the time I talked about it at RSA, the matter was totally closed," 
he said.


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